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paint114 40×40 acrylic on wood paint112 40×40 acrylic on wood paint110 Ø 38 acrylic on wood paint108 Ø 60 acrylic on wood paint106 130×100 dyptyk paint104 130×190 acrylic paint102 90×140 acrylic on canvas paint100 120×60 acrylic on canvas paint098 70×120 acrylic on canvas paint096 90×140 acrylic on canvas paint094 90×155…


draw073 30×30 ink drawing draw071 23×23 ink drawing draw069 40×40 ink drawing draw067 23×23 ink drawing draw065 23×23 ink drawing draw063 30×40 ink drawing draw061 30×40 ink drawing draw059 30×40 ink drawing draw057 30×40 ink drawing draw055 30×40 ink drawing draw053 30×40 ink drawing draw051 30×40 ink drawing draw049 30×40…

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...for me, art is a spiritual process and experience. I use all my emotions when I express myself and passion is an important driving force in my art.

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If I should give a commentary on my work, I would seek a form of expression which could convey the changes in different states of the soul and fantasy. They could be impressions in music, but certainly not in words: by naming things they are brought to a standstill, stagnation of the picture, arresting the attention of thoughts and experiences.
The essence of my work is the movement arisen from the movement of fantasy and from the inconsistency of emotions, from conditions you can’t tie down or fix. Any attempt to understand and interperate the pictures should not be a reproduction, but should allow the possibility for cocreation or create afresh.
This is also the reason why I don’t give my work titles, and consciously avoid using words. I want my works to animate the imagination of anybody who cares to look at them. The word – title, a fifeless name – would either replace the imagination or just limit free association.

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